Contract Deputy Program

What is the Contract Deputy Program?

 The Contract Deputy Program, also known as Constable Patrol Program, is a program offered by Harris County Precinct 5 that provides police services. The main feature is assigned contract deputies patrol our neighborhood that have the authority to arrest, investigate, and fully enforce the law. It also provides access to other services such as Uniformed Investigation Unit, Animal Crimes Unit, Environmental Crimes Unit, Major Offenders Unit, and Game Room and Human Trafficking unit. Another great service that is offered is the Vacation Watch , where a patrol deputy can check on your home every day while you are away. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to view the PDF and Pamphlet with detailed information. 



· The Constable has the authority to arrest, investigate, and fully enforce the law  

· Decreased(quicker) response time to calls (please see attachment at bottom of page) 

· 24/7/365 day access to emergency response even during off-shift times.  It does not affect our ability to continue to call HPD  

· It can be the primary number for home alarm monitoring  

· The deputies become familiar with the neighborhood and its residents 

· Residents can set up vacation watches and other special watches  

· Realtors use “Patrolled by Constables” as a selling point for homes, increasing our neighborhood’s resale value 

Who will be covered?

The homes within the following civic associations will be covered: Shadow Oaks, Royal Oaks, Nob Hill, Springwoods, and Timber Oaks. Roughly speaking, it will be the area between Gessner, BW8,Westview/Larston and Tiger Trail. Please see boundary map below. 

How will this work?

One constable is required for every 1,000 homes, which means we would need two constables. Each constable would work eight hour shifts, five days a week with two consecutive days off, on separate shifts. That is a total of 80 hours of patrol time in our neighborhood a week! Funding for this program will be from voluntary contributions from residents. 



Funding for the contract deputy program will be from voluntary contributions from residents within the boundaries of the map . Since this is the first year we are attempting to adopt this program , we ask that you contribute any amount you wish .

In theory, if the cost were to be divided equally, this is how much it would cost each homeowner:

UPDATE- The cost for one constable will be increasing March 2018. The figures below represent the March 2018 cost.

Two Constables = $158,808 /year  

· If all 1,900 homes participated and contributed equally it would be approximately $84/year  

· 1,500 homes= $106/year  

· 1,000 homes= $159/year 

·   500 homes= $318/year  

·   300 homes= $527/year

·   250 homes= $633/year

Have more questions?

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