Who will be covered?

The homes within the following civic associations will be covered: Shadow Oaks, Royal Oaks, Nob Hill, Springwoods, and Timber Oaks. Roughly speaking, it will be the area between Gessner, BW8,Westview/Larston and Tiger Trail. Please see boundary map under "Contract Deputy Program". 


How much does it cost?

The cost for two constable is  $158,088 based on the required two 40-hr shifts to cover our geographic area.  According to Precinct 5, one constable is required for every 1,000 homes and the proposed area to be covered by this service is approximately 1,900 homes, which means we would need two contract deputies working two separate shifts. Although, according to Precinct 5, if we are unable to gather enough support for two constables, they are willing to start us out with one constable.  At this time, we plan on continuing to gather enough pledges to hire two constables.  If we reach a point that we believe that we cannot gather further support for the goal of two constables, we will notify you via email, if you have pledged ,that we are lowering the goal to one constable and update our website. 

What area will be covered?

The homes within the following civic associations: Shadow Oaks, Royal Oaks, Nob Hill, Springwoods, and Timber Oaks. Roughly speaking, it will be the area between Gessner, BW8,Westview and Tiger Trail. Please see the "Contract Deputy Program" page  for a coverage map. 

I sent my pledge form. What happens next?

 We are in the process of getting the word out to all civic association residents and collecting pledges. If there is enough community support , we will begin collecting funds. Please keep checking our website for updates. 

Is Shadow Oaks south of Westview included?

 Yes, Shadow Oaks south of Westview is included! We apologize for the error in wording and boundary map. We always intended to include ALL homes in ROCA, SOCA, Timber Oaks, Springwoods(west of Gessner and south of Tiger Trail), and Nob Hill. Please see the updated map under "Contract Deputy Program" section.  

Are you canvassing businesses around us?

 We did consider canvassing businesses . At this time , we have chosen not to do that because the businesses are covered by SEAL security through the Spring Branch Management District. Although , it is something we will consider once we get this initiative off the ground .  

Do you plan to print flyers or have a mail distribution, or how do you plan to get the word out ?

We do plan on printing out flyers to reach residents that don't have a NextDoor account/electronic form of communication. We want to start out doing as much as we can electronically before we proceed with other means in order to keep our costs down.  

Will we have yard signs to show we are participants (like they do in the Heights)?

We are considering yard signs , as it has been mentioned by one of the members of the group who used to live in the Heights.  

Have other neighborhoods been successful with only voluntary participation?

Due to the non-HOA status of the subdivisions participating, this project has to work with voluntary support from its neighbors. To see a like-minded and successfully operational voluntary project, check out the VC Security Foundation - Constable Patrol at http://www.vcpatrol.com/

Will the new SBWSA Board include residents from all represented subdivisions?

 Our intention is to have representation from all included areas, either as Board members or on an advisory council.  Our meetings to date have included residents from Shadow Oaks, Royal Oaks, Spring Woods, Timber Oaks, and Nob Hill .

What proof in statistics will we have that crime has decreased when we hire the constable service?

 When working for us, the Constable will issue a monthly report listing every call, traffic stops, response times, etc., with pie charts and graphs. We can post this report on our website and/or on NextDoor so that residents can monitor the value of the service.

What other nearby areas use this security service?

 Spring Shadows (at Kempwood and Gessner); Georgetown south of I-10 at Beltway 8; Much of the area south of I-10 from about Bunker Hill to Hwy 6; Briar Meadows at Dairy-Ashford near I-10; Tealwood at Gessner south of Memorial

If I set up my alarm company to call the Constable instead of the HPD, will I still have to pay the City of Houston for my alarm permit to call HPD?

Yes, residents will still have to pay for a city alarm permit.It is also an option to set up both the city and county for first call to your alarm. 

If a nearby neighborhood is not in our Constable service program, how will the Constable know not to provide rapid response service to them on our nickel?

The Constable uses Geo-coding.  They know immediately which houses are included in our geographic program area, and if the address is not in our contract, they will be transferred to the City for response.  

Should I still call 911 for emergencies?

Once we contract with the Constable, residents can call the direct dispatch phone number instead of 911 (put it in your speed dial!). Because of the way calls are processed, 911 will be slower than calling the Constable dispatch number directly. Calling the Constable directly cuts out the middle man.  

How are the Constable work shifts determined?

The Constable will recommend coverage times to us based upon our neighborhood's crime statistics.  With 2 officers, we could have 7 days coverage. 

Will the Constable enforce violations of deed restrictions?

No, the Constable cannot enforce deed restrictions, only county/city laws. 

What is the Neighborhood Watch program?

 Neighborhood Watch is a program of education and communication, in which the Constable comes out to tell us what signs to look for to help in the prevention of crimes. The Constable will also post information on NextDoor when looking for a suspect.  However, the Constable encourages us to call for "everything" -- anything we deem questionable or suspicious.  They want to hear from us. 

Can the Constable(s) send out an email blasts?

No. But, SBWSA can send out an email blast. 

I'm not sure if I should call the Constable for something.

As Lt. Mitch Hutter said during the November 13th meeting, they want to be called for everything!