Progress and Updates

12/12 Updates

We have had 142 residents submit pledges totalling $42,280!

Participating homes

Participating homes

11/5 Updates

-We have 24,630 in pledges with 79 contributors.

-Flyers are in the process of being delivered

-Join us for two brief informational meetings with guest speaker Lieutenant Mitchell Hutter with Precinct 5! 

Monday November 13 at 7:00 P.M. at
Fair Haven Church “Trinity Room”
Sunday November 19 at 4:00 P.M. at
Nob Hill Park

11/21 Important Updates


-We have received several questions about how many constables we plan on hiring to patrol the neighborhood. Lt. Mitch Hutter stated that we are required to have two constables for 1,900 homes, which is based on the cost for the constable AND access to the 24/7/365 Precinct 5 resources(ability to call outside of patrol time hours, traffic unit, and etc.). Recently, we spoke to him about the possibility of being unable to gather enough pledges for two constables . Lt Mitch Hutter stated that he is willing to allow us to start out with one constable if necessary. At this time, we plan on continuing to gather enough pledges to hire two constables.  If we reach a point that we believe that we cannot gather further support for the goal of two constables, we will notify you via email that we are lowering the goal to one constable and update our website. 

In one month, we have had 124 homes submit pledges for a total of $37,130. 

-We've been notified by Lt. Mitch Hutter with Pct. 5 that the cost for one constable will be increasing in March 2018 from $76,742 to $79,044 . Since our goal is to raise enough pledges for two constables, we will now be raising the goal of $154,00 to $158,088.This does not affect the pledge you submitted. It only means that we will need to gather more support .